Dangerous Dog Laws

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Rockford police shot and killed a rottweiler Wednesday after the dog made charges at an officer. That's adding to growing concerns of public safety.

The city of Rockford has been working for the past year to tighten restrictions on pit bulls and rottweilers.

And as time passes, some people say the problem is only getting worse.

From pit bulls guarding drug houses, to dog fighting on street corners, Rockford police say the presence of dangerous dogs is making officer’s work more dangerous.

One of those dogs belonged to Adam Lester. He says police raided his home for drugs, and shot his pit bull Rip.

"They came in, he got shot, ran through the home, and they kept shooting till he was gone,” says Lester.

Second Ward Alderman Pat Curran says the city could tighten laws on pit bulls and rottweilers in the next month. It's a move that's raising controversy with those who own the breeds of dogs.

"We have to figure out a way to work in the committees and get our ducks in order,” comments Curran.

The city is working with Winnebago County Animal Services, and other community groups to come up with new ways to keep officers and the general public safe. It could include a leash law, and fence restrictions. A total ban however, is highly unlikely.

"You can't just ban the dog, I hope they take a look at other options to fix the problem,” adds Michelle Sell of Winnebago County Animal Services.

Before any restrictions are imposed, the city ordinance board will debate the proposed dangerous dog measures, then send it to the full city council for a vote. That is expected before Thanksgiving.