Marching On

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Members of the 333rd Military Police unit were supposed to be marching in the annual Memorial Day Parade in Freeport. The unit was deployed in May of 2003 and was supposed to be back last month.

National Guard members from Milan are filling in by walking and driving the Hum Vee. Those are duties normally performed at the Freeport Memorial Day Parade by the 333rd Military Police unit. It’s the second year in a row that family members are substituting for the unit who is currently stationed in Iraq.

It’s the first year in the parade for Elijiah Leverton, who wore a shirt saying, “My Daddy Has Your Back.” While Elijiah is excited about the bag of candy he got, his grandmother is using the parade as the extra support she needs to get through.

Dorothy Nord’s son Charles Nord is with the 333rd M.P. unit. Family members are just getting over the fact that this past April the unit was set to come home and did not. The latest date they’ve been given for a return home is July 12.

This Memorial Day has taken on a new meaning for the 333rd family members as now they have a close tie to the most current war.