Rising Water

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Liz Wylderboyer didn't intend on having a pond in her backyard but Mother Nature had other plans. With rain a possibility for the next couple of days it doesn't look like the flooding will stop anytime soon.

Liz says, “It just depends on what's happening up north it could be as little as a foot or as much as two or three. I don't really know, so we're just watching the weather channel to see what's coming down."

Homes along the Rock River are used to dealing with damage from heavy rains. In 2000, Liz's entire backyard was destroyed after the Rock River flooded. Liz remembers being out canoeing in the backyard.

Residents all along the Rock River are hoping things will clear up before any permanent damage is done. In some backyards in Machesney Park the Rock River is already a couple of inches above flood stage. The river is closed and it considered due to swift currents and debris that has been washed into the river.

Steve Lucas who lives along the Rock River, near the Riverside bridge says an inch of rainfall causes a two inch rise in the river. Steve says, “I haven't sandbagged here but if the water comes up another foot or two several residents will have to start."

This is similar preparation that these residents took in 2000, and with no signs of movement on the water this Memorial Day weekend, boaters are hoping the rain will stop soon. The concern is that the river will be restricted till the 4th of July.