Freeport Cemetery Vandalized

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More people are buried at the Freeport City Cemetery than are living in Freeport today. So the fact three teens had the nerve to knock over nearly a-hundred gravestones has tempers flaring.

"It's a pretty low thing I think," says Tom Jungen, from Freeport Street Maintenance.

The cemetery was ransacked twice in one week. Headstones cracked, even destroyed. And groundskeepers say the ones from the mid-1800's are irreplaceable.

"We finally got the 62 done and then 36 more got knocked over so we're still in the process of getting these set up," Jungen says.

At about 12:30 Thursday night, police spotted three teens walking through the cemetery, which is home to 30-thousand graves. Each were ticketed for curfew violations. And turns out one of the teens were wanted for vandalism. That kid led police to two others involved in the destruction.

Police won't say how much it will cost to repair the headstones. But a similar incident happened back in September to the Belvidere Cemetery. And for 85 damaged gravestones, it cost nearly 9-thousand dollars to repair. The Stephenson County State's Attorney's office says the teens will most likely get some sort of probation.