Click It or Ticket

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Welcome to the seat belt enforcement zone. An officer on foot scans the traffic looking for violators. When one is tracked down, enforcement revs up for the traffic stop.

This is the scene and Broadway and 9th Street in Rockford on Friday afternoon.

"Yesterday we issued 55 tickets in a two-hour period, and today we're pretty much on pace for that again," said Rockford Police Sgt. Dave Hopkins.

As drivers head off for the Memorial Day weekend, police are increasing patrols and anyone who doesn't click it, gets a ticket.

"It's notoriously a high fatality weekend. Probably the single most important thing for a driver to do is buckle that seat belt every time they get in," said Sgt. Hopkins.

Seat belt enforcement is the goal of this operation, but police often make arrests and give tickets for other violations, making the streets safer this weekend. One traffic stop resulted in five tickets and the driver's car was impounded.

"Yesterday we had several narcotic arrests from this type of enforcement. Today alcohol seems to be the additional violation we're finding," said Sgt. Hopkins.

Those watching the operation say they're glad there are fewer dangerous drivers to worry about this weekend.

"I'm pretty good out there on the road, so you just have to watch out for everyone else," said Rockford resident Bob Nelson.

Rockford police will continue the set up seat belt zones throughout the weekend.