Rockford Police Standoff Ends

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"I've cried and prayed about it all day. I really don't know what else to think. " Tina McFarland is still shaken up after a scary afternoon in her West Side Rockford neighborhood. She was doing yardwork and her kids were swimming when all of sudden...."We heard a big engine coming. We thought is was a fire truck and all of the sudden half of the police department is on our street," McFarland said. At about 1:45 Thursday afternoon, police responded to this home at 3158 Arline Avenue for a shooting. They found an 18-year old male shot in the back alley. He was later pronounced dead at Rockford Memorial Hosptial. But things didn't end there. As you can see in this home video shot by a neighbor, a police standoff ensued... authorities thinking possble suspects were still inside that home. "We felt there was additional people inside and we went inside with our swat team and didn't locate anyone in there," Epperson said. Epperson says a woman and her son came out of the home before the Swat Team entered. But police have their eye on another suspect based on witness interviews. Authorities aren't saying much about that suspect or his whereabouts. But that's where the focus of the investigation remains right now. The victim in Thursday's shooting was identified by the Winnebago County Coroner's Office as 18-year-old Alexander McBride. Police do not beleive he lived at the home where the incident took place.

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