Cop Killer Denied Parole

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The battle to keep cop killer Theodore Bacino in prison begins right here behind Ron's Barber Shop and what once stood Scotty's Truck Stop. And just like the last 26 parole hearings, the Illinois Prisoner Review board decides to keep Bacino locked up.

"It's not a jump up song and dance victory because in the same breath we still don't have our dad," says Jennifer Sutkay, daughter of Winnebago County Sheriff's Deputy Michael Mayborne.

Bacino shot and killed Deputy Michael Mayborne in 1974, after he robbed a Poplar Grove bank, took the bank president hostage and threatened the owner of Ron's Barber Shop.

"He walked up behind me and put a gun to my back and I said where and he said I want your car," says Ron Meyer.

Meyer escaped, but it was too late for Mayborne.

"I heard pop pop pop pop," Meyer says.

Bacino was immediately arrested. 33-years later, the now 71-year-old lives in the Dixon Correctional Facility. His family and other prisoner advocates want him released due to failing health. But a single parole board member's vote will keep him at Dixon, at least for now.

"That man will be given a second chance to walk through that door and become a father a husband again but our family will still be left serving his life sentence," Sutkay says.

So what's next? The family of Michael Mayborne has requested a three-year parole extension. So they can take a break from fighting to keep the cop killer in prison.

The Chairman of the Illinois Prisoner Review Board says Theodore Bacino will not get a three-year parole extension since so many voted for his release. The final vote was 7-to-6 with two members missing. Bacino will start the parole hearing process for the 28th time next May. Bacino's wife and lawyer did not return our calls.

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