More Dead Crows

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As West Nile continues to make headlines in Illinois, Rockford area residents continue to find dead crows near their homes. A discovery that has many worried.

Residents say the discovery of a dead crow in their neighborhood is hitting too close to home, and they're concerned that the County Health Department is no longer testing the birds for West Nile.

Peggy Bates is just one of many Rockford residents to find a dead crow in her neighborhood.

"It was just lying there with a lot of bees and bugs flying around it,” says Bates.

Bates didn't know what to do with the crow at first, but was shocked when the Health Department told her to bag it and trash it.

“I felt like no body cared. That kind of gave me the feeling that the health department is not as concerned as it should be,” adds Bates.

On the other side of town, Tina Ballard also discovered a dead crow near her home.

"I was surprised to find it so close to my home,” comments Ballard.

Ballard was also surprised the Health Department was no longer testing the dead crows. But health officials say the birds pose no threat to humans or their pets.

Larry Swacina of the Winnebago County Heath Department says it's near impossible to collect hundreds of dead crows and test them.

However, residents are still urged to report the dead bird and the information will be used by the Health Department for tracking purposes.