Contractor Forced to Pay Restitution

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Fred and Donna Gummow can finally relax on their backyard porch. After three years of fighting to get a refund from contractor David K. Hall, the court rules in their favor. Hall got 17-hundred dollars upfront from the Gummows to build their dream porch and promised something really too good to be true.

Hall presented the Gummows with a brochure that shows a gorgeous sketch of what their screen porch and deck would like like. What they didn't know, that was the most work he'd ever do.

"He says if you want your money back, sue me," Gummow says.

Hall was charged with two counts of home repair fraud, both Gummow and another victim dropped those charges once given a 12-hundred and 3-thousand dollar refunds.

"The reason I dropped it is to have a more serious case against him," Gummow says.

The case Hall now faces is a class four felony for deceptive practices and Boone County is also charging him for home repair fraud. And more charges are on the way according to the Attorney General's office. This comes as no surprise to better Business Bureau Director Dennis Horton. He met with Hall to go over the 17 business complaints received.

"Of the complaints he had he had all copies of them he promised to respond to them and very honestly he hadn't done that it's not that he won't but he promised to do it in two days," Horton says.

That was three weeks ago. In the meantime, Hall is also taking legal action and is suing the Gummow's for breech of contract since someone else finished their porch and deck. And the Gummows are countersuing.

Hall is back in Winnebago County court on June 20th for deceptive practice. He faces one to three years in prison and up to a 25-thousand dollar fine. He also appears in Boone County on August sixth for a jury trial on home repair fraud. David Hall refused to comment.

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