Machesney Park Road Concerns

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This summer, 1800 feet will be added on to Perryville Road where it now dead-ends at state Route 173. This extension, and others like it, is causing problems for long time residents of Machesney Park.

The 173 corridor is developing fast, but residents in older neighborhoods feel they are being neglected.

Lifelong Machesney Park resident Carl Rundblade says, “They patch the holes and two days later you can't tell."

Potholes of all shapes and sizes.

Gravel is built up on the side of the road water has nowhere to go but cover even larger chuckholes. Driving down the N. 2nd Street service road is by no means a smooth ride.

Carl Rundblade has lived along the road for 18 years. He says no matter how he fights for improvements, this stretch of Machesney Park isn't repaired.

Carl says, “Everything is going out on Perryville where the big money is. That is fine, I am all for improvements but you need to take care of the rest of the residents."

Machesney Park Mayor Linda Vaughn says this year the concentration is on the Perryville road extension. Past the point where 173 dead-ends, there is already a new movie theatre, Showplace North, that has started construction. The hope is that these feature presentations will attract other development.

Mayor Vaughn says, “If we can get retail commercial to build out there that means sales tax. Sales tax builds new roads if we don't charge residents."

With no state grant money and no property tax to fund improvements to residential and business district streets the Village of Machesney Park has had to cut back. Mayor Vaughn says though that, “The engineering in done and projects like the N. 2nd Street service road project is on for next year."

But Carl doesn't know if he can wait that long. He says he's been playing the waiting game for too long and the next step is moving from this village he grew up in.