Mass Murder Victims Identified

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Monday afternoon, the administrator for the Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation read off the names of six people found shot to death Saturday night in a home in Delavan. The victims' grief-stricken families lined the back row of the room.
"Senseless and tragic. At least that's the best way I can describe it," says Mary Ballbach, the aunt of victim Vanessa Iverson.
The deceased are: 19-year old Nicole McAffee and her 6-month old twins Argenis and Isaiah Analco; their father 23-year old Amborosio Analco; McAffee's sister 21-year old Ashley Lynn Huerta and McAffee's friend 19-year old Vanessa Iverson.
Police also found one-and-a half year old Jasmine Analco, also the daughter of McAffee and Analco in a minivan outside with a gunshot wound to the chest. Delavan Police Chief Tim O'Neil announced Monday the toddler was in good condition at the University of Wisconsin Hospital.
Investigators did not confirm whether they believe this was a murder-suicide. They asked for patience as they go through the steps of this complicated investigation. But many family members say they're frustrated with the lack of information.
"It's very disappointing. We know absolutely nothing," says Ballbach.
Investigators only issued one hint about the case itself.
"It appears that the incident is contained to the residence in which the shooting occured and all information gathered so far suggests that the community is not at risk," said Jim Warren, Administrator for the Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation.
One man, Gaspar Huerta escaped the house by jumping out an upstairs window. His brother Victor Huerta visited the house a few hours before the murders. He says a victim told him that night Amborosio Analco had threatened his on-again-off-again girlfriend Nicole McAffee who lived in the house.
"She said the guy said something about if ever she cheated on him he's gonna kill her whole family," said Victor Huerta.
Victor Huerta added that Amborosio Analco was verbally abusive to his now deceased girlfriend Nicole McAffee and had a history of threatening her at gunpoint.
Some family members of victim Vanessa Iverson have said they believe the man who escaped, Gaspar Huerta, committed the murders. Victor Huerta said Monday some of the Iversons have been threatening the Huerta family.
Investigators say there is still a long way to go before they're release anything more definitively. They are currently processing the crime scene as well as waiting for autopsies, D.N.A. and ballistic evidence results. But the state investigator's assurance that the public is safe and that the incident is confined to the house certainly does suggest a murder-suicide, even though they have not said so outright.
Police also released a 9-11 tape Monday that appears to show Gaspar Huerta calling in the crime after escaping from the house. He says "I was inside of my house and my sister in law, her boyfriend came here and start shooting everybody."

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