Budget Busting Diets

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Getting rid of the fat on our bodies can also mean getting rid of the fat in our pocketbooks. Diets like Atkins may cost us more than a few pounds. We checked out and compared prices with registered dietitian Penny Bolen.

We filled up one cart with a weeks worth of groceries for a regular healthy diet and another with a weeks worth of groceries for an Atkins diet.

We shopped for the best deals and usually bought generic. We stayed away from Atkins brands, which can get pricey: all to find out which diet is leaner on the budget.

The Atkins Diet checks in at $68.75 and the regular diet at $41.39, that's a difference of about $27, and although this was unscientific, several other studies have produced similar results.

But there are ways to save money: buying in bulk, buying frozen instead of fresh, or buying canned, but for some, budget takes a back seat to dropping the pounds because losing weight is priceless.

Whether you're on a diet or just want to improve your grocery shopping habits, SwedishAmerican Health System is hosting an educational session on food shopping. It's June 14 at the Logli's on Charles Street. The cost is $10, and to reserve your spot call Swedes.