Change In Direction

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Right now Rockford is in the midst of a transportation study. In order for our area to get federal funding for mass transit and improvements to highways, Rockford needs to update land use plans.

The Northern Illinois Commuter Rail Initiative is going full steam ahead. The feasibility study is the first step to extending rail service to Belvidere and then Rockford. Those who use this form of travel would be different than that in major cities like Chicago. In Chicago, commuters head to work. In our area, non-traditional users will be the passengers’ on-board heading to tourist attractions like Magic Waters. Park-N-Ride facilities may be set up in Belvidere and here in Rockford on Perryville and downtown.

The Rockford Area Transportation Study or RATS is revealing that our number one problem is trucking. Rockford has to adopt a new transportation plan every year. There's still time for input at the next RATS meeting. The group will meet this Thursday at
1:30 p.m. at Loves Park City Hall.