A Temporary County Leader

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With a temporary restraining order request denied, the Winnebago County board swore in interim county board chairman Scott Christiansen.

Community members and leaders came together to welcome Scott Christiansen into his new position of interim Winnebago County Board chairman.

Christiansen said, “I thought it was a terrific ceremony. I appreciate the great turnout and all the comments my friends made, what a great day.”

Christiansen has been on the Winnebago County board for thirteen years. Although he hasn't served on the board for the past five, local leaders say he knows how to get the job done. The interim chair says he'd like to see the Greater Rockford Airport become more of an economic engine. He'd also like to improve local leadership and promote Winnebago County as a great place to live and work, but first he must tackle the budget.

Christiansen hopes to become the permanent Winnebago County Board Chair after the November election. He'll have the next few months to prove himself to voters. For now, Christiansen is focusing on his first board meeting as chairman on Thursday.