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Hundreds of Americans lose their jobs every year to cheap foreign labor, but if more American’s would buy and use products made here in the USA those jobs could be saved.

Robert Miller works for LM Sheet Metal out of Loves Park, but this father of six says working in the manufacturing industry means never knowing if he'll have a job tomorrow.

"I've always been worried about my job. For the last three to four years the way the economy is going." Said Miller

LM Sheet Metal uses American products and labor but American consumers aren't so loyal and that's why so many American's are now out of work.

Sheet Metal Workers Business Manager Brad Glidden says "You'll have to stop it. You'll stop it when you lose your job. When you don't have a job to go to and then you'll be the one that thinks about maybe we should have bought an American made car."

It seems simple to buy American made products and it often comes down to just a few dollars difference. Yet Americans continue to buy foreign products.

Dan Conness is the Executive Director for the Northwestern Illinois Building and Construction Trades he says, "The low price of something doesn't always give the big picture of what kind of value you're getting."

And Glidden agrees, "If we all took enough time to research what we're buying and if we bought from our neighbors we'd all be working in this country."

That is the hope of Sheet Metal Connectors based here in Rockford. Like LM Sheet Metal the company only uses American made products. Something Manager Terry Englund says he's proud of.

"USA built is quality built and that's what our company was built on. The reputation of selling a quality product and that's what we stand behind."

The best way to make sure you're buying an American made product is to look at the label or the box, but there are also several websites you can visit that will tell you where you can purchase American made products.

You can go to, or