Lawsuit Against County Continues

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Gorski is the Democratic candidate for Winnebago County Board chair, but two weeks ago the County Board appointed Republican candidate Scott Christiansen to fill in. On Friday, both sides appeared in court.

Judge Gerald Grubb denied a request for a temporary restraining order. That would of meant that Christiansen would not be able to be sworn in on Sunday, but as of Friday, Christiansen will take on as our county’s leader. As for Winnebago County, the lawsuit continues.

The plaintiff, Paul Gorski is questioning the method by which Christiansen was appointed. The state statute says a current member of the Winnebago County Board should take over, but another statute says anyone can fill in as long as they are the same party lines of the out-going board chair. In court, both prosecution and defense questioned what process is right.

One point of interest that the plaintiff made is that there could be serious consequences if in fact the court finds Winnebago County was not in compliance with the law. he next hearing on the lawsuit will be June 11.