Few Answers In Capron death

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Rebecca O'Quinn grew up in the small town of Capron. And like many locals, she still can't get over why authorities believe this man, 56-year-old David Rath, strangled his own mother. "It's a small town. Nothing like this has ever happened as I can remember here," said O'Quinn. The mystery unfolded last Thursday after a welfare check at this home turned up the body of 80-year-old Phyllis Rath. She lived there with her son David, who investigators say attempted suicide after his mother's death. Initially there were no signs of foul play, but that changed after the autopsy. "The pathologist had told us the victim died of manual strangulation and then we knew we had a homicide, " said Leuitenent Phil Beu. He won't say what lead to the arrest of David Rath. All he'll say is that the invesitgation so far points to the victim's son. "At this time, the investigation is pretty much concluded. There are still some loose ends to tie up but all the information we have taken to the State's Attorney's Office," Beu said. Boone County State's Attorney James Hursh says David Raft was given a public defender Wednesday morning. But it's unlikely we'll get any sort of repsonce from the accused anytime soon. "If he still wishes to speak with us he can, but at this point, we probably won't get more out of him," Hursh said. So that leaves residents like O'Quinn still wondering why and how this alleged murder could happen so close to home. Rath is in jail on a million dollar bond. Last night, a funderal was held for his mother at the Capron Luthern Church.

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