Cameras to be Placed at Rest Areas

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A move by the Illinois Department of Transportation comes after two years of studies to try and make rest areas safer and to deter crime.

More than 33 million motorists visit rest areas and rest stops that are not staffed.

Vandalism, abduction, rape, prostitution and drug sales can take place between these hours. Car breakdowns, and general assistance needs also happen late at night. With the new technology installed, Department of Transportation says they’ll be able to deter crime, and aid who need assistance.

The emergency call boxes will be blue in color, similar to this one. Each call box will be linked up directly to Illinois State Police within its district. The surveillance cameras will not only scan parking lots and insides of buildings, but also take photographs of every cars license plate as it exits the rest area.

State police say surveillance cameras will help them prosecute criminals, and also track them if they are on the run.