Burpee Museum Closed

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Luckily, Jane the Dinosaur, escaped unharmed. But the museum is still shut down all week because of storm damage. Here's what happened. Roof water entering ceiling pipes punctured holes in them...forcing almost 800 gallons of water inside. They've got about 50 fans and de-humidifiers drying up the mess right now. We're told most of the damage is to the museum's Native American collection. Hands-on items like bear skin rugs, buffalo robes and baskets need to be replaced. The damage couldn't have a come at worse time for the museum. "This is not the best time. School is out, the tourists are starting to perk their antennas up and wondering where to go and we're always right on top of the selections they have to make," said Museum President Lew Crampton. He says Monday alone, they had to turn away about 100 to 150 visitors. He expects to reopen either Friday or Saturday. Crampton esimtates total damages at about 25 to 30 thousand dollars. Half of that is for collection damage; the other half for clean-up costs. But the museum has insurance to cover those expenses.

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