Casino Support

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The odds are still not completely in favor of Rockford getting a gaming license. Monday night, the majority of the Rockford city council has given their support for a riverboat permanently docking in Rockford.

Money, jobs and future developments have brought those in favor of a casino to lobby in front of Rockford's city council. Those in favor of the casino say that a boat can guarantee revenue.

It's quite the opposite for another group who is working to keep Rockford casino free. Enough is Enough Task Force of Rockford Urban Ministries to pray against a casino. The group says that a casino is not the type of revenue that they want Rockford to bring in.

A resolution came before the Rockford city council to support riverboat gaming. 11 of the 14 alderman signed off that they support and encourage legislation that would create a riverboat gambling license. But you won't find alderman Bill Timm's signature until there's more information about the legistics of a riverboat casino. Alderman Timm says, “When you make a vote on the council floor it effects the entire city. We need to find out more information before we say yes or no.”

Alderman Dan Conness read the resolution in. Conness says, “We're telling the general assembly a casino does have support."

Rockford Mayor Doug Scott made a trip to Springfield last week to testify to legislatures the importance of a gaming license in Rockford. Mayor Scott says the support of the City Council is exactly what legislators are looking for and asked him about last week

Right now Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is tied up in budget issues. His budget proposal counted on the state getting at least $350 million dollars from the sale of an unused casino license. But the license remains tied up in a legal battle. That could give Rockford an advantage, as a casino will give thousands of dollars to the state. A final decision could come before the end of the month.