Support Our Troops

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When the war in Iraq first started we often heard about many rallying together to support our troops. But over time, the big gatherings tended to be more spaced out. So Winnebago wanted to re-group to show that there is still plenty of support for those fighting for peace in Iraq.

In Winnebago local service men and woman are being honored for Armed Services Day.

Jami and Timothy Miller met back in October while being stationed in Korea. The couple just got married on Saturday and decided to spend their honeymoon at this local troop rally. The Millers say it's important for them to know the community is behind them.

Sunday, the community is making sure every local soldier in the armed services is remembered. The names are on display on an American flag that was on display. But soldiers say with the recent Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal they want to make sure everyone at home knows about the good that is being done.

The next troop rally planned for Winnebago will be on July 4th.