Generic Drugs

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Many American’s continue to see the cost of their prescription health care rise.

But beginning in January, things could change as insurance providers begin paying pharmacies to switch consumers to generic drugs.

Insurance plans say they have seen the cost of prescription drugs rise by nearly 26 percent in just one year. Most of that is due to people who rush to the buy new drugs that hit the market each month. This new marketing plan hopes to change that.

Starting in January Blue Cross Blue Shield will begin paying pharmacists $1 for each consumer they switch from name brand to generic. A move pharmacies believe is a good idea.

“It's to everybody’s advantage that blue cross does this i think that generics are just as effective,” says Pharmacist Charles Grow.

And Grow believes that this will not only save his customers money but also the insurer.

“A lot of insurance companies are going under and that is not in the best interest of the consumer,” adds Grow.

Most of his customers already ask for generics, it's something they say is the only way they can survive.

But some critics fear that insurance companies will be playing doctor by providing this incentive for generics. Still consumers wonder why.

If the FDA says that generic and name brand drugs are equally effective, why would consumers pay more than they have to?