African Snails Confiscated

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Health departments are our weapon of defense against an new illegal animal. Friday, Boone County Health officials say they confiscated a pair of giant African snails.

A Rockford family turned in the snails. The family called authorities after learning about the dangers associated with the snails. The giant snails can reach a length of eight inches.

The danger is that the snails can carry a parasite that causes meningitis in humans. The snails are also considered a danger to U.S. plants because of their voracious appetites. Those with the snails should not try to dispose of them on their own.

The animals are illegal but many get them at swap meets. The African snails will be picked up Monday by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Local health departments urge anyone who has African snails to call them.

The Health Department stresses no one will be in trouble in they call to turn in the African Snails.