Preschoolers at Bus Stops

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Preschool students in the Harlem School District are picked up and dropped off from school right in their own driveways. But such door-to-door service won't last for long. Starting next year, our youngest students must walk to a neighborhood bus stop.

"The streets are busy these little ones don't know enough to stay out of the streets and if someone comes up to them with a piece of candy and says hey little boy or little girl come with me they're 3,4,5 they're gonna do it," says daycare owner Brenda Tinnen.

"It's gonna be hard because I have a little baby at home I'll have to carry or put the baby in the car and bring them all to the bus stop everyday," says parent Brooke Seivert.

About a dozen day-cares operate within the Harlem School District. Since daycare kids range in age, some say a new bus routine will be a struggle.

"Leaving our kids in our homes to go down to a bus stop to a busy road first off and having several sex offenders down here that could take of with our kids," says Tinnen.

The Illinois Sex Offender Registry reports at least two sex offenders live on the same street at Brenda's Day Care. Which is in eye sight of where she says the district wants to put a bus stop.

Harlem's transportation department says they don't place bus stops where there's sex offenders living nearby. However Superintendent Pat Deluca notes parents of preschoolers should walk their kids to the stop, so a sex offender living there shouldn't be a problem.

Superintendent Deluca also says getting rid of door-to-door pick up will help save the district money. He couldn't say how much since families haven't finished enrolling into preschool.

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