A Local Inspiration Sensation

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The show is called “Inspiration Sensation”, which is a Christian version of American Idol. On the show is a local girl from Rockford who needs our help to break into the music industry.

She's only 16 years old, but Auburn High School honor student, Sydnie Bland had to beat over 400 others to land a spot on inspiration sensation. Like American Idol, 12 contestants get critiqued weekly by judges and are voted to stay or go by all of us. Now it's down to the final four contestants and our Sydnie Bland is still standing.

Sydnie says, “I’m not there to win. I’m there to get the ministry out.”

Being on the show means Sydnie has to head to Chicago three days a week to practice. And then every Saturday at 8 p.m. we see her perform live, but being a sensation does come at a price. Voice coaches set limitations so Sydnie can take care of her vocal chords.

Sydnie says, “Friday and Saturday we are not allowed to eat any dairy. We are told to drink lots of water and no pop."

And what about image? On American Idol we often saw the contestants change to fit the pop diva status. Are these “Inspiration Sensations” preached to about similar issues? Sydnie's mother, Phyllis Bland says there's no pressure to change.

Phyllis says, “As a parent I do have a say with make-up and how she looks. I want to make sure she is and looks 16."

Through all the national attention Sydnie is still grounded. Her parents make sure she's not star struck. Phyllis says, “No matter what there is always someone better than you. We just encourage her to do her best.”

Sydnie says, “However you sound if you're hearts not there you can't reach the people."

In these final two weeks of “Inspiration Sensation”, Sydnie needs our help so she can sing her way into a record contract.

“Inspiration Sensation” is seen on channel 15 on cable and channel 51 off cable. The show is on the Total Living Network and we see it live on the air at 8 p.m. for the next two Saturdays.

To cast your vote after the show call 1-800-487-8044 and just type in Sydnie's number.