Milk Prices Up

UNDATED (AP) -- Wisconsin dairy farmers are enjoying milk prices rarely seen in the past five years.

The U-S-D-A says the average price for Wisconsin milk is 17 dollars 20 cents per hundred pounds. That's up four dollars, 70 cents from a year ago.

Johnson Creek Dairy owner Darrell Javorek says the price increase has been a boon for farmers dealing with higher feed, fuel and fertilizer costs.

Last year, Wisconsin farmers earned an average 13 dollars 30 cents per hundredweight, two dollars, 30 cents less than the 2005 average.

U-W Extension dairy agent Mike Wildeck in Marathon County says some farmers have agreements with processing plants or cooperatives that guarantee a certain prices for at least part of the milk they produce. He says it's hard to run a business when it's feast or famine.

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