West Nile Virus Season

UNDATED (AP) -- The 17-year cicadas aren't the only insects to be on the lookout for now that the weather has turned warm.

Warm weather also brings mosquitos, and unfortunately for folks in Illinois, many mosquitos bring West Nile virus.

So far, mosquitos in Cook, DuPage and Tazewell (TAZ'-well) counties have tested positive for West Nile virus.

Officials say insect repellent with DEET or oil of lemon eucalyptus can be effective against the pests.

And homeowners should get rid of any standing water near their homes, such as bird baths, ponds and flower pots.

Last year, the virus was found in 77 of the state's 102 counties. A total of 215 human cases of the disease were found last year, killing ten people.

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