Several 333rd Members at Infamous Iraqi Prison

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Last month, members of the 333rd Military Police Unit based in Freeport were preparing to come home. Now, they find themselves in the exact same location at the heart of the well documented Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal.

Family members say that some members of Freeport's 333rd Military Police Unit are policing the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

The Military Police Unit is in no way connected with the prisoner abuse scandal, the abuse being investigated occurred months before the unit arrived there.

Gavin Alt a father of a 333rd member tells 23 News that he received a call from his 23-year-old son Nicholas on Sunday telling him that he along with other members from the 333rd have been at the prison for a couple of weeks.

Freeport Mayor Jim Gitz told the Associated Press that there's a great deal of pride in his community knowing that the 333rd is being trusted to police the prison, but adds that there's also concern for the safety of the troops, noting that the prison camp has been a target of shelling and mortar attacks.

23 News has also learned that Landis Garrison, the first member of the 333rd to die in Iraq, died at the Abu Ghraib prison last month in a non-combat related incident. That information comes from the Defense Department.