Family Wants Dead Son's Diploma

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They came armed with signs and petitions...hoping to get Bradley Berogen his high school diploma. "He earned it, he deserved it, he worked 15 years for it," said Berogen's mother Diane Berogen.
Last month, Berogen's chance at that diploma was taken from him when the Senior at Auburn High School was shot and killed on Rockford's west side. Even though he's gone, Berogen's family and friends want a diploma for the 18-year-old. And they came to a special school board meeting Friday night to make that appeal. "We definitely need to get to the bottom of this before the kids graduate and he has no closure with the rest of his students," said Berogen's father Frank Berogen. Board President Nancy Kalchbrenner said she understands the family's desire for the diploma. But was concerned that granting one to someone who didn't finish high school could devalue the true meaning of the recognition. But ultimately the board voted 4 to 3 to grant the diploma as along as Berogen's grades warrent one. Berogen's mother was hoping for a final decision. She said, "Yeah, I'm concerned because when are they going to tell me, they graduate in one week." The district says Berogan's friends and family will probably have to wait until next Wednesday or Thursday for an answer.

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