Estimated 820 Million People Go Hungry

WASHINGTON (AP) -- U-S officials say an estimated 820 (m) million people around the world don't get enough to eat, despite delivery of (m) millions of tons of American food a year.

A new report says natural disasters are increasing food needs, even as transportation costs increase.

To better meet needs and cut delivery time, the U-S Office of Food for Peace hopes to pre-position food aid at U-S ports and overseas, and urges that some food be bought locally.

Government investigators say increased costs take up 65 percent of what is spent on emergency food aid and helped lead to a 52 percent decline in food delivered between 2001 and 2006.

According to the U-S Office of Food for Peace, America delivers two-and a-half (m) million tons of food a year. It's worth more than a (b) billion dollars.

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