Campers Welcome But No Firewood

WAUSAU, Wis. (AP) -- State officials are rolling out the welcome mat at campgrounds around Wisconsin for Memorial Day weekend ... except for one thing.

The Department of Natural Resources says leave the firewood at home unless it's from trees grown within 50 miles of the campsite.

Rangers have already surprised some campers by confiscating wood they brought along from home.

The main reason for the new policy is an invasive insect called the emerald ash borer that has been found in other states and threatens to kill ash trees throughout Wisconsin if it spreads into the state.

The D-N-R doesn't want campers giving those pests or others a free ride in their firewood.

The citation for bringing firewood from outside a 50-mile radius into a state park or forest carries a fine of 186 dollars.

Officials say many privately owned camping sites are adopting the same rule.

And they note that it's fine to buy locally grown firewood and use it for campfires.

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