Gas-Saving Tips

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These days, saving at the pump is clearly not a reality. Other than just not driving, there is no magic in cutting our gas costs. There are lots of smaller gas-saving tips to ease the shock...But what really works? Local mechanic Blas Serrano says regular tune-ups are good idea. So is making sure a vehicle's fuel injection system is clean. Serrano says that's something many people neglect. "It's meant to deliver fuel in a specific pattern, a specific way. When they get dirty, the way they spray fuel in the engine isn't as efficient as it's supposed to be." A trip to the car mechanic can fix that. But Serrano's other tips are in your hands. "Driving habits can also drain your gas, like speeding up on the road, or making abrupt starts and stops. Blasting the A-C can also eat up your gas." Serrano says, "If you're trying to save as much as you can on fuel, then it's a luxury you can probably do without." He says pumping up the A-C while driving at slower speeds is a bad idea... while it's o-k at faster, highway speeds. As far what not to do....Serrano says don't buy into promises from TV-ads. Serrano says, "Pretty much if you're seeing it at 3 in the morning and it's going to save you feel and add power, it probably isn't." Don't expect huge savings by filling your tires to maximum pressure. Serrano says the real savings will only come by combining al* of these gas saving tips... And this is the best we can do to ease our pain.

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