New Head of Winnebago County Board

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Republican candidate for Winnebago County Board Chair Scott Christiansen is temporarily leading our county. Now, the question is will the county see any ramifications from Monday night’s vote?

In a 19 to 5 vote with four members absent, Scott Christiansen walked through the Winnebago County Board room doors once again. Scott is a former board member now he will be the temporary leader. Some board members questioned how and why Christiansen was the only name read in by majority leader Timm Simms.

Republican board member Mary Ann Aiello questioned why there was no caucus that met. Aiello says that there should have been more to this than just Mr. Simms reading in Christiansen to fill the vacancy.

The state statute says a current board member has to be appointed and fill the vacancy. But Winnebago County Assistant State's Attorney Chuck Prorock says it's the county election code that we should go by. That states that a non-board member can fill the position as long as they are the same party lines as former Republican Board Chair Kris Cohn.

The decision is now going to be challenged by Democratic candidate for County Board Chair Paul Gorski. Gorski says he will file legal action by the end of the week. Most likely it will challenge the method of appointment.

In a written statement released Monday night by Paul Gorksi he says, "I am disappointed that the county board violated state law by not filling the vacancy with a qualified board member."