Breathalyzers in Bars?

"Thank you for using the alcohol alert instrument"

If Gene Robinson has his way, that sound will be heard at bars all over the Stateline.

"We will put these in the bar…so you can get an idea when you're out drinking, of exactly what is your limit,” said Robinson.

Our test subject is about 200 lbs. After two drinks with his meal in about thirty minute’s time, we put him to the test. His blood alcohol level was .04% half of what the law allows. Just two beers and a half hour later he was getting dangerously close to the legal limit. Just one more beer and he probably would be too drunk to drive.

"if you don’t want to take that risk you'll be able to call us and we will dispatch a vehicle to come and pick you up," said Robinson.

Robinson says the program doesn't just make sense for safety's sake; it could also save money for your local watering hole.

"You find in wrongful death suits on the bars, it’s because they have no recourse except to say we didn't know he was drunk"

But with a breath tester the establishment could say “we tested him, he failed and he still made the choice to drive”...Putting the liability on the guilty party, not the bar that served him.

For more information on the program you can email Robinson at