Sex Offenders on MySpace

CHICAGO (AP) -- Faced with legal demands from several state attorneys general, including Illinois' Lisa Madigan, My-Space-dot-com says it will release data on registered sex offenders it has identified and removed from the social networking Web site.

The company, citing federal privacy laws, initially rebuffed demands last week from Madigan and others for data on how many registered sex offenders are using the site and where they live.

My-Space agreed today to provide the information to all states after officials issued subpoenas or took other legal actions.

Madigan says her office will share the information with the Illinois Department of Corrections and probation departments to determine if offenders' use of My-Space violates parole or probation conditions.

My-Space officials say the company has removed seven-thousand profiles filed on the site out of a total of about 180 (m) million.

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