Local Soldier Shares the Capturing of Saddam

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It was December 13, 2003, a day that sticks out in many minds. U.S. soldiers captured Saddam Hussein. This day is all too real for one local soldier Dante Donahue.

He's in Rockford now, but this member of the 4th Infantry Division is now a part of history. His unit was there when Saddam Hussein was captured. At that point the most intensive manhunt in history was over. Without a single shot fired, soldiers from the 4th Infantry Division, which Dante is part of, found Saddam in a coffin-sized bunker on a farm near his hometown of Tikrit.

While family and friends are celebrating Dante being home, Dante says it's hard to forget those overseas, but for his mother Judy, she says Dante brought a new part of himself back here to Rockford.

Judy says, “He’s learned a lot. He learned to appreciate his family. He grew up."

Dante's time is limited. He's on a two-week leave before returning to Fort Hood for two years. While there is no guarantee, as of now he's not scheduled to go back overseas, so on this Mother's Day the nights up worrying can stop, at least for this mom.