Rockfords Last Murder Victim, And What He Left Behind.

Holding hands, friends family members and total strangers came together to remember the life of Dante Banks; a teen who was shot dead last Wednesday in Rockford. The bloodshed brought the people together Monday night, in a community that often feels torn apart.

“I'm just here to encourage them, I’ve grieved, I’ve cried but all the crying in the world wouldn't bring him back,” said Banks’ aunt Wanda

Instead they focused on the life of Dante and on how to prevent further killings in their neighborhood.
“We can’t bring Dante back but I tell you what we don’t have to sit around or regret or want to get back at somebody or take some one else's life because this has happened. That’s not the answer to the situation,” added Wanda.

Answers may seem far when echoes of gunshots are still in the air. But for this group those answers may come with time, as they hope for and work towards an end to the violence.