Local Price Is Right Contestant

A huge day for a woman from Durand. Not only is she picked as a contestant on Price Is Right, but she gets to smooch host Bob Barker. It all aired Monday on 23WIFR.

Kelly Dickson couldn't hold her excitement in when she was called up as a contestant. She missed out on the first pricing game but came through on the second, winning a diamond necklace. Then she ran on stage with Barker where she won 4 more items and laid one on the show's host.

Kelly lost out on the show case show down spin off, but didn't seem upset as she watched the show today with a bunch of her coworkers.

Kelly watched at her Durand home along with some friends and co-workers from Seward Screw Products when the show aired Monday morning, which made the whole experience that much sweeter!

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