Black Hawk Helicopter

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Gusts of chopper wind rips through downtown Rockford, prompting the toughest of war heroes to hold their hats.

A Black Hawk Helicopter often used to transport soldiers in and out of war zones was on our turf today and made a special landing at Memorial Hall.

"I saw it coming it was going in circles it was just perfect," says Katy Shoulders.

"It was pretty cool when it landed where it did," says Luke Rundblade.

Four crew members and two machine guns flew in from Chicago's Midway Airport. And some Iraqi sand remains nestled in between the seats. Black Hawk Helicopters weren't used until 1979. Some Vietnam Vets say they wish they came out sooner.

"They're cool they are really they're neat wish we had em over there," says Jim Studer.

Others say the chopper instilled chilly flashbacks.

"There was good and bad in Vietnam so it's brings back all kinds of memories," says Vietnam Vet Mary Nicholls.

While the 22-thousand pound machine is fun to look at, some onlookers emphasis the importance to celebrate Armed Forces Day.

"I think it's so important that when they're over there protecting our freedom we need to support them," says Sharon Theroux, who has family serving overseas.

In addition to the Blackhawk Helicopter, there were also tons of military heirlooms on display at Memorial Hall. Equipment from the Civil War Era, WWI AND WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the Iraq War were also there. There's already plans underway to try to bring the chopper back to Rockford next year.