Big Diversity Boom

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By 2010 the Hispanic population will see the biggest boom in Rockford and Belvidere. Like other cultures the growth is contingent on the economy, education, and acceptance.

The Hispanic population is moving in to more areas than the southwest quadrant of Rockford. Hispanics in our city make up about 11 percent of the population. But the city seeing the most growth is Belvidere. In Belvidere, the overall population has 18% that are Hispanic.

Marco Lenis, President of La Voz Latina says the Census Bureau's numbers for 2010 will be shocking. Already the Hispanics have surpassed the number of African Americans in Illinois. This population growth is due to Illinois being such a perfect place for opportunity. The one barrier for this population used to be language, now it's technology. So the push is on to get more Hispanics in the classroom to learn.

La Voz Latina first works to help Americanize these new citizens. Then after food and shelter are taken care of those in this culture tend to start taking on new challenges like politics. Such a large Hispanic growth is expected to chance the political power in some areas of the state.

The number of Hispanic children in the classroom is expected to triple throughout the nation by 2008.