Adderall Addiction

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They're our co-workers, our friends and maybe even yourself. Super parents are all around us. And their activity lists are growing longer.

"There's time you have to accept you can't do it all and it's hard," says busy mom Ellen Hazzard.

Not everyone can reject some of the chores that come with parenthood. That's why rehab centers say adults are turning to prescription drug Adderall more than ever before.

"The housewife who wants to be supermom gets up bright and early she can keep the house clean do all of the extra cooking and so forth and go out at night and still have a good time and appear awake," says Cheryl Piper, Director of Nursing at Rosecrance Health Network.

Adderall is a stimulant usually prescribed for children with Attention Deficit Disorder or those with hyperactivity. The medication slows them down and even corrects bad behavior. But not everyone likes the results, like 19-year-old Michael Cromwell, who's bipolar.

"It made me lose weight made me crazier than I already am it just didn't work for me," he says.

Many others are taking the drug prescribed so they can perform better in school. It's starting in high school and becoming more serious in college.

"They would stay up all night do a full cram session trying to get as much information but the one thing as they'd always crash after it," says Kurt Polacek, who's friends took Adderall in college.

You can also lose sleep, appetite and even become paranoid when taking the drug inappropriately. Plus, there's also the possibility of hearing and seeing things that aren't really there.

Rosecrance administrators say if your child is prescribed Adderall however his or her behavior is not improving, make sure those pills are accounted for. Because they could be handing them off to friends who are taking them unprescribed.