Singer Clinic One Vote Away from Closing

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Just one more vote in the health and facilities planning committee of Illinois and Singer Clinic's Developmental Treatment Center will shut down. But will the move help Illinois’s struggling 2003 budget?

The state says they plan to fund private health care workers for patients moved out of Singer, which means they'll still be paying out money for developmental health care.

The question now; will it turn out to be cheaper for the state to keep Singer's Developmental Treatment Center open, or pay private health care workers for each patient?

23 News talked with Senator Dave Syverson, he says the state is making a poor decision to close Singer, and whether it's shut down will be cost effective will be proven in time.

There are about 150 mentally ill patients at Singer and that section of the facility will stay open.

Senator Syverson says it's likely more mentally ill patients will be transferred to the facility, once the developmental wing is shut down.

A final vote to shut down singer's developmental wing is set for Thursday.