Summer Hunger

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Freeport is just one of the communities hungry for food donations. Most supplies come into a warehouse here in Rockford called the Hunger Connection Food Bank. But the shelves are thinning out.

It's a steady stream of people needing food at the Rock River Valley Pantry. The food bagged up and given out all comes from the Hunger Connection. The goal is that the Hunger Connection supplies 50 pounds of food to each person in poverty. Right now that goal is not being met.

While warehouse shelves seem to be stocked up, it only takes 6 weeks and it's all gone. With high unemployment numbers, the Hunger Connection could not stash food away over the winter months. This past year they have seen about a 45% increase in the number of pantry clients. This time of year isn't going to help either. Summer is the most critical time for any pantry. During the school year breakfast, lunch, and snacks are provided. During the summer that is not the case.

Even with all the help this organization provides, this organization has their fair share of difficulties. But through some grants, the Hunger Connection hopes to be more mobile throughout the 12 counties served. The plan is to set up mobile markets once a week in rural areas.