Car Accident Family Benefit

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On April 26th, Melissa Withrow and her three young children were in a horrendous accident at the intersection of Route 173 and Belvidere Road. They're slowly recovering physically, but not financially.
At first Jason Withrow and Sheila Henneberry could not believe it when they heard about the accident their younger brother's family had been through. Now, two weeks later, they're living with the reality and doing all they can to help.
Three-year-old Jeff Withrow is in the I.C.U. at Rockford Memorial, his twin brother Zach is back home after undergoing plastic surgery. The seven-year old Peyton suffered a bruised spine and is paralyzed from the waist down. Doctors are unsure if he will ever recover. Their mother, Melissa is still in a coma at Saint Anthony's.
The family does not have insurance, so they are planning two fundraisers to ease the medical bills expected to exceed one million dollars.
"My brother's kids are like my kids and this is the worst thing that could happen to anybody. And all I want to do it ease the financial part," says Jason Withrow.
May 19th, there will be a fundraiser with a silent auction at Rocky's Bar and Grill on North Second Street. May 21st, Chrysler will hold a gate collection where employees can donate money as they clock in for their shift. The children's father works at Chrysler.
To donate items for the silent auction, call Sheila Henneberry at 815-636-8755. IDOT is putting in stop signs and eventually a stoplight at the intersection where the accident occurred.