Hononegah School District Dealing With Overcrowding

Several schools in the Stateline are faced with overcrowding with no relief in sight. Tuesday night Hononegah put the wheels in motion to make sure they aren't put in a similar situation.

Hononegah high school will reach capacity in the next half a dozen years. The land the school currently owns is already packed with buildings, so they are looking elsewhere to expand.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Randy Gross says the key to that expansion is getting the community involved before they're called to the polls.

"What we want to try to do is get people involved get people to want to be stake holders in their school and help us determine what Hononegah School and what the out school district will look like in its future."

The district is looking to buy about 100 acres of land near McCurry road between IL-251 and the tollway. That location would be used to build a second high school.