New Medicare and Illinois RX Cards

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Getting the best price on prescription drugs for seniors will get a little easier today as Medicare will begin offering low income seniors prescription drug cards, but how this program stack up to the new Illinois rx card.

Medicare has approved more than 36 different discount drug cards under their program that become available to low income seniors on Monday. Each will cost up to $30, but will offer different discounts on different drugs and in differing amounts and different pharmacies will accept different cards.
Confused? Well doing your homework will help, but will this new Medicare plan save you money over the new Illinois Buyers Club Well we took a look.

Ditropan, which costs uninsured seniors nearly 103 dollars for 30 tablets will cost $91 under the cheapest Medicare card, but under the Illinois Buyers Club plan the same drug will only cost you $83.51, a savings of nearly 19 percent off the retail price. So the Illinois Rx club in this case is cheaper.

But when you compare Prevacid, Medicare is nearly $12 cheaper than the Illinois Buyers Club. So seniors can save nearly 25 percent off the retail price. But depending upon which drug you use will determine which card will be right for you. So seniors are being cautious.
Now Medicare recipients who already have prescription drug coverage through former employers or state plans probably will not find either rd plan right for you. But if you are without prescription drug coverage one of these plans could save you on average of about 20 percent.

You can participate in both Medicare and the Illinois Buyers Club but you cannot use both discount programs on the same prescription.
For computer savvy seniors you can compare drug prices and drug card programs under Medicare at or by dialing 1-800-medicare. You can also compare drug prices at the Illinois Buying Club by loggin on to their website at or you can call them at 866-215-3463.