73rd Young Artist Show Kicks Off

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Some incredible artwork is on display at the Rockford art museum as the gallery shows off the creations of dozens of very talented high school students.

The 73rd Young Artist Show kicked off Sunday at the Rockford art museum. Work from 142 students from 20 Stateline high schools were picked to be showcased for the next month. There's 180 pieces on display including watercolors, charcoal drawings and 3D sculptures. Ribbons and scholarships were handed out Sunday to some of the top artists in the show. It runs until April 6th.

“It's amazing, it’s great to get your work out there and I love seeing everybody else's art, that’s a great thing about it,” says Boylan High School Senior Jennifer Peters. “I really want to keep doing art throughout the rest of my life, if it’s my career or just on the side, I really want to keep it a part of my life. It’s a great way to express myself and let others know how I'm feeling.”

To see a list of the winners click here: http://rockfordartmuseum.org/young_artist.html

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