Digital Switch (Video Included)


The average American spends 30 hours every week in front of the television. But many of the TVs you are watching won't work at all when we switch to digital.

Let the countdown begin. In 655 days a popular past time will change forever but do you know just what we are counting down to?

Do you have any idea what it might be?

Apparently no one knows exactly what is happening so we asked an expert.

Greg Roberts, a television specialist says,
"That's the point where the analog transitions from stations like yours and all the rest of the stations will be cut off and going to just a digital signal."

People with satellite don't have to worry. They are already receiving a digital signal and the cable company will ultimately decide whether or not their customers will have to pay for the transition, but everyone else who is using rabbit ears on grandmas black and white TV from 1957 will have to dish out some cash.

One solution will be to upgrade. But digital televisions are priced from a few hundred to several thousands of dollars. Television junkies who don't want to spend that kind of money do have another option.

They'll need to buy the converter box that goes on top of their analog TVs that will grab the digital signal and transform it back into analog signal for those old TVs.

Those boxes should cost around a hundred dollars but coupons for almost half of that will be available to every household.

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