University Catholics

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- A Catholic student group at the University of Wisconsin-Madison will get 250-thousand dollars in student fees next year ... under an agreement that settles its religious discrimination lawsuit against the U-W.

The U-W Roman Catholic Foundation sued last year after the U-W refused to recognize the group.

Under the agreement, the U-W will award fees for the group's student activities ranging from prayer gatherings to speeches and classes in theology. But the student group agreed to establish itself as a separate entity from St. Paul's Catholic Church and NOT to seek funding for Masses, weddings, funerals or other events run by ordained clergy.

The agreement means the group will be one of the best-funded on the Madison campus next year. The university awards about 20 (m) million dollars in segregated fees to dozens of groups every year as recommended by student leaders and approved by the chancellor and Board of Regents.

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