Cyber Alert: Online Confessions

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Confession: it's a place where many Christian's go to be forgiven for their sins. But many people aren't confessing in the church, they're going here on the Internet, to websites like and

And that doesn't sit well with Father Koutink of St. Peter's Church in South Beloit.

"It seems to be another attempt to make less of the serious importance of being sorry."

Many people say it's easier and more comfortable to confess our most horrible sins to a computer screen rather than a human being. But Father Koutnik says confessing online just doesn't cut it in the Catholic faith.

" We really believe every sin has a corporate effect, it effects everybody in the community and therefore it requires you to present yourself before a priest."

Koutnik says a confession shouldn't be done out of convenience, it should be done out of sincerity.

"We're either sorry for our sins and seek to rectify them and make amends, or we're not."

And making amends doesn't always happen when confessing online.

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